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Our consultancy services include : IT Governance and Risk Management, Information  and Cyber Security, Penetration Tests and Cyber Threat Simulations, Cloud and IOT Security and Optimization models, Security Architecture, Incident Response and Resilience , Privacy and Compliance.

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Technology Governance and Risk Management

  • IT Governance implementation (KING, COBIT, ITIL).
  • Information Governance Gap assessments.
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  • Policy reviews, creation and standards documentation.
  • Technology governance and assurances.
  • HR governance reviews across the employee lifecycle.
  • IT process and control maturity/gap reviews.
  • Risk framework implementation and remediation.
  • Outsourced and supplier risk lifecycle reviews.
  • Identity and access management governance.
  • Cloud governance.

Customised Information and Cyber Security strategies

  • Comprehensive Information and Cyber Security strategies and deployments.


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  • Penetration Testing across all platforms and infrastructures.
  • Cyber Security Attack Simulations – ensure readiness by testing various attack scenarios.
  • Data Protection Strategies, policy and Programme design and implementation.
  • Outsourced CISO.
  • Incident Response and Digital Forensics.
  • IT Security Project Management.
  • Security Architecture : Providing the best practice control recommendation across multiple designs.
  • Cyber Technology Maturity Models .
  • SIEM and DLP post implementation Reviews and Optimization.
  • IOT and Block Chain – Design and Implementation of Security Models.
  • Security KPIS, Dashboards and executive Reports.
  • Information Security Project Management

Information Compliance

  • Privacy Impact assessments /readiness– POPIA/GDPR.
  • Data Mapping and Gap analysis.
  • Privacy programme Implementation


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  • Privacy Programme Implementation.
  • PCI Advisory, Architecture and Control Design Roadmaps.
  • ISO 27001 Reviews and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) implementations.

IT Audit

  • IT Audit services across Infrastructure, IT governance, applications, cloud, mobile and cyber security.


Information Resilience

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Programmes and assessments.


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  • Development of Impact assessments , risk profiling and continuity plans.
  • Embedment of recovery procedures through coordinated tests and simulations.

Information Risk Recruitment

  • Niche recruitment services of information risk, IT Audit and cyber security professionals, permanent and contracts.

Training and Awareness

  • Develop and manage information security awareness campaigns.
  • Tailored Training offered to various levels of employees and suppliers.

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  • Threat hunting training for internal teams.
  • IT Governance and Privacy training Programmes.

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